This LINKS page will be used for links I come across and find useful that I am not using in a blog post or a page. I had to do the z-LINKS to keep it at the end of the menu bar. :)

Gardening Rocks Mobile Farm Tour is a new Spring of 2013 endeavor by Valentine & Sons Seed Company LLC . They will roll out a mobile farm using green roof technology and container gardening methods as they take the wonderful world of farming and small scale livestock care to schools, community centers and events around their area. Use them as a resource to do this in your local area!

The Society for the Preservation of Goodness believes that Goodness is the greatest untapped natural human resource and must be promoted and preserved.

From the Inside Out, a blog by Emily Ballard creating a community of people who want to own their truth. Who are tired of being people that they’re not, who are done with the endless boxing in. A space for people who want to live out loud, who want to hush away the voice that says you can’t and replace it with the one that says YES.

American Community Gardening Association

Starting/Maintaining A Community Garden  –  University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension


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