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Busy Spring At Fayrehale Farm !


The Forsythia Has Started to Open – 4/24/13

I just realized that nothing has been posted since 3/31/13 !  Over three weeks ago!  I was looking at site traffic.  2/3s of the visitors are new and they come to the site for some specific initial purpose. That leaves the other 1/3 of you who are return visitors!  Unless you have noticed some of the small updates on various pages you haven’t seen any activity since 3/13/13.

Nothing philosophical or earth shattering !  Just a little pictorial catch-up on our busy spring here at Fayrehale Farm.


Chantecler chicks are hatching weekly and heading to new homes around the country!


Geese are setting. American Buff on the left and an American Buff/Sepastopol cross on the right.  Not sure goslings will hatch as there was a hard freeze just before they settled on their nests.


Our self-service egg selling refrigerator is back up.  We have been very busy w/ egg sales. Interestingly enough many are just traveling through.  They often stop to chat.  Even had visitors from Germany pick up a couple dozen.

DSCN1013front yard pallet garden2front pallet garden

Making preparations for a 4 pallet garden in the front yard!  Food and Laundry Drying out front to set an example for all.  Diminish lawn and grow food!


Last  weekend we took an existing platform that had been intended for another small coop and turned it into a hoop pen. It is designed so that it can be one 4’x12′ pen OR a divider can be placed between the two closely spaced hoops in the center and it becomes 2, 4’x6′ pens.  The young Icelandic Chickens will grow here once it becomes warmer and they have grown and feathered out


Busy with seedlings.  Nature has not cooperated.  Cold and cloudy.  Some have had to be restarted. Soon we will start using a hoop house for the seedlings


So, as the Magnolia buds swell and start to show color, we are busy with Spring endeavors and hoping we are beyond the point of hard frosts!


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