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2015 Is Off To A Good Start As The End of January Approaches

Shops At Fayrehale Wreath with Cardinal Tin

Shops At Fayrehale Entrance

If things continue to progress smoothly, and that is IF!!!!!, we will be ready to launch our online shopping feature for Shops At Fayrehale tonight.

Update:  We went live at 8:40PM

It has been a long, time consuming project as Tom worked the backside with his IT expertise and I input product from the front end. A BIG learning curve for me — at times a very frustrating experience!  It is just a start.  I have loaded enough product to hopefully show the diverse, varied and often unique range of the products we offer.  I will keep adding and expanding the selection.


When it comes to Antiques, we select items that make great gifts. One doesn’t have to be a collector of Antiques to appreciate the beauty, the substance, the continued usability of items from the past.  Antiques are a very Green Gift!

We use Individual Artisans for our Christmas Ornaments and Candles.  We stay as local as we can and use many Vermont Artisans but we do go further afield when necessary to find the items we want to offer. Regardless of how local an Artisan is, they are all gifted artisans working hard to make each individual piece.

Having just discovered two gifted Vermont Candlemakers, we will be expanding our candle selections. The candles listed as the site launches are hand dipped from one of the candlemakers.  We soon will be adding 100%  individually molded beeswax candles from the second candlemaker…some figural and some utilitarian. PLUS some beeswax ornaments that will be reminiscent of Germany and the Victorian Era.

Beeswax figural candles

We have found a Vermont artisan who is in the process of making felted ornaments w/ Vermont wool for Shops At Fayrehale !

felted ornaments

and another Vermont Artisan is preparing beautiful Temari ornaments for us!

temari ornaments

We are communicating with a Vermont Artisan who creates delightful ornaments from small gourds  and another Artisan in Connecticut who does quilted ball ornaments. Not sharing pictures of these two selections now as we have not established that we will actually be carrying them in Shops At Fayrehale.  I will post them when we know for sure!

Nothing can replace a personal visit to Shops At Fayrehale. We would love to see you all, personally, when you visit Vermont. For those who are unable to make that visit and in between visits, we hope you will make Shops At Fayrehale  your “go to” site for online shopping — whether for yourself or to gift.  We hope you will bookmark us and watch for additions and of course we would love to have you share us with your friends.

Once we launch, many different sets of eyes will be perusing the products. Thousands of proof readers!  We have been careful and have checked back and forth between ourselves but I know there have been bleary eyed misses!  Please don’t hesitate to send us an email – – when you notice a typo we missed!

I am already looking at seed catalogs as I plan and dream about this year’s gardens — We cut way back last year as getting Shops At Fayrehale open and off the ground was the all consuming priority.  Now we can have some balance return to life.  With the buzzer system we have, I can be in the garden (south side of the barn where Shops At Fayrehale is located) and still know when customers arrive.

Right now we are 30 minutes away from a hoped for 8PM launch. I have to see how Tom is coming along (in NY).  He has a few things to do once we go live and then I will announce it on Facebook.  Our Facebook page is public and you should be able to look at it even if not a member.  The photo files have lots of pictures and thus you can see items that may never make it online. We can’t present everything, though I will continue to add a few products every day.

Signing off for tonight.  It is currently 5 degrees and headed for 9 BELOW:)  Looking like we will be on the upper edge of tomorrow night’s storm. Fine with me!  I would much rather shovel 1-3″ of snow that 12-18″.


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