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The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet !

I will not apologize for being Human:)  I will apologize for causing friends to worry when they read my last Blog Entry!

I  heard from several of you: “This is an unusual post for the man I know to be a positive force in a lot of people’s lives Sometimes we loose sight of our effect on others. Best to focus on one step at a time and Attend to all the goodness in your life”   —-  “Things always come out the way they’re supposed to come out not the way I planned but always in a good way.”  —-  “you’d better post your happy day info on your blog before people start sending the recovery team in your direction…..sheesh!!!   —-  “Is everything OK?  Is Tom alright?  We are worried.”

I chose a favorite line of mine from a Celia Thaxter Poem to title this entry. A line I have used for years and truly believe.

The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet !

The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet - Celia Thaxter

UPON the sadness of the sea
The sunset broods regretfully;
From the far lonely spaces, slow
Withdraws the wistful afterglow.

So out of life the splendor dies;
So darken all the happy skies;
So gathers twilight, cold and stern;
But overhead the planets burn;

And up the east another day
Shall chase the bitter dark away;
What though our eyes with tears be wet?
The sunrise never failed us yet.

The blush of dawn may yet restore
Our light and hope and joy once more.
Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget
That sunrise never failed us yet!

Celia Thaxter

I will follow the advice of a good friend and post our happy day info!!

This past Sunday, one week after my being less than my usual cheerful & optimistic self AND three weeks after Abigail not being able to walk due to Lyme Disease, We three (Me, Tom & Abigail) headed for a special day at the ocean. We had a very relaxing and fun day.

Abigail, My navigator looking over my shoulder

Abigail, My navigator looking over my shoulder as we head out on our ocean journey!!!  

We started our Ocean Day with breakfast in Sugar Hill, NH at Polly’s Pancake Parlor!  Close enough to home for us to visit easily and now we must!!!!  If this breakfast experience was not the BEST ever, it sure ranks among the top few — Right up there w/ Lobster Eggs Benedict at Blue Heaven in Key West!

We each had the Pancake combo / bacon — 2 ea of three pancake combos – Maple syrup AND Maple Cream – I had gingerbread w/ honey roasted almonds, cornmeal w/ coconut and whole wheat w/ walnuts!!! OMG – scrumptious !!!  Tom had wild Maine blueberries in all of his:) and chose plain, oatmeal buttermilk and whole wheat.

Our server cooked the order so no mistakes are made in the pass off to a main cook — one of each is served and the 2nd of each timed to arrive when you are ready so they stay fresh and hot! GENIUS! and it worked smoothly. The bottomless cup of coffee (I had 5) fueled me for the drive ahead.

It might help too, that we had one of the BEST servers I have ever experienced – TJ’s exceptional personality & service certainly enhanced the over all experience.  A delightful and delicious way to start our ocean day

Sugar Hill, NH at Polly's Pancake Parlor    Sugar Hill, NH at Polly's Pancake Parlor

 Sugar Hill, NH at Polly's Pancake Parlor    Sugar Hill, NH at Polly's Pancake Parlor

Abigail visits the Ocean! It had been two years w/o salt air and water! and Abigail had never been to the ocean. SO! we made a day trip to Pine Point, Maine. We had a wonderful afternoon, listening to the waves, breathing the salt air and basking in the sea breeze coming in off the water.

We discovered that canine’s were illegal from 9-5 until after Labor Day – Well, it was to hot to leave Abigail in the car so she stayed close in the shade of my chair or on my lap.  Later in the afternoon as the area around us cleared, I took her to walk in the water — she enjoyed it and thought the incoming waves were a new game to play. She was most interested in the seagulls – rearing up to see them in the air and then wanting to chase their shadows.

We mustn’t wait so long again — if we pack food it would just be gas money — It doesn’t need to always be the massive treat we made it be Sunday.

Pine Point Beach, Maine    Pine Point Beach, Maine

Pine Point Beach, Maine    Pine Point Beach, Maine

After a wonderful afternoon by the ocean, we had supper at the Portland Lobster Company  We each had Lobster Stew and a Lobster Roll and we shared an order of whole belly friend clams:):)

Interesting experience — BUT it works! We had to place our order first before we say the hostess to be recorded for a table! They said we would have a table when food was ready! Ooooooooooookay!!!  We placed our order — received the Lobster buzzer and went to see the hostess.  She asked for a name and then we realized the Lobster also contained and shared! our order.

We did have a table before we  picked up our food. It was a delicious treat after two lobster-less years!

Then a 2 block walk to 51 Exchange street for ice cream! The two ladies sitting next to us, who had never heard of  Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, went up for ice cream and we met them coming back as we walked up.

Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine    Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine

Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine    Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine

Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine    Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine

Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine    Portland Lobster Company, Portland, Maine

We ended our Oceanside Beach day with dessert at Mount Desert Island Ice Cream — 51 Exchange Street — Portland, Maine —

I had “The Dude” and “Butter Mint” w/ dark chocolate sauce. I forget the three flavors that Tom had.  Mount Desert Island Ice Cream deserves its TOP ranking in Maine and Country Best Ice Cream lists!

 Mount Desert Island Ice Cream     Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

  Mount Desert Island Ice Cream     Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

We took rt 302 home and arrived home at 11pm.  It was a much needed day and made us realize we need to schedule more fun days for ourselves.  We won’t always treat ourselves to this level of feasting!  We can always pack a picnic.


Longevity Changes Life – Being Ready For the Possibilities

WHEW!  Last weekend, I received Earth Shattering and Heart Breaking news.  I am not at liberty to discuss it with anyone and that frustration has led to days of introspection AND trying to see the beauty in the world immediately around me – something that is usually easy for me to do has been a real struggle these past few days!

Then, as I sat in my “outdoor office”, I noticed a single, pink Canadian Lilac bloom. Just one as we approach September. Just one, presented out of season to show me that all is not darkness!

Out of Season Canadian Lilac

It doesn’t rain but it pours!  I have several friends — yes, more than a couple (2) — who are losing their homes and struggling to find and establish the next step in their lives. I have several friends dealing with cancer and other life threatening, depreciating diseases. I have lost several friends to cancer this past year as well.  ALL contributing to my pondering my longevity and the longevity of those near and dear to me.

I am 68 and nearly half way to 69 years old.  That never seemed that much until all these recent events got me thinking about my own possible longevity. My Mother and My Maternal Grandparents all passed over at 72. That is a mere three years away! My Father died at 93, my Paternal Grandmother at 88 and my Paternal Grandfather at 96. So family genetics says my longevity could be 3 to 28 years.  I don’t think I want 28 more years the way the world and people are. I am not sure 3 more is enough! or, is even that too much?

woodpile & fall flowers

Yes, I found some more beauty. There are pink roses between the White Hydrangeas and the Yellow Rudbeckias that are hard to see in the picture.

As I look at friends, and other people I know, as they enter their 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th decade of life, they all have either children and grandchildren OR money!!  Having neither myself, I live a totally different life experience as I look at where life would go IF disaster happens and I end up alone!

We live in a world where significant people and friends are scattered and busy with their own lives. Communities are disappearing and neighbors are no longer neighborly.  The internet seems to be all consuming – much of it superficial and too much of it generated by trolls.

So what would a pushing 70 man do if suddenly he lost the man he loved, could no longer afford the roof over his head or a vehicle and was without medical insurance? What life is possible on social security that allows a dog, maybe some pots to grow a few vegetables and room for a very few special possessions.. There would be no chickens:(

The thought scares me. But in the world we know today, we, at least *I*, have to think about this. I need to do some research and see just what the possibilities are.

Interestingly, coincidentally 🙂  this article appeared in a news feed this week:  No Spouse, No Kids, No Caregiver: How to Prepare to Age Alone

Not something I really want to think about BUT something I need to think about!

Meanwhile the Asters are starting to bloom and every year, thanks to the birds, we have more and more!  

 Pink Asters Fayrehale Farm      Wild Purple Asters Fayrehale Farm

Asters make me smile and I always think of The Dinner Service being hand painted In The Style of Celia Thaxter!

Aster Place Setting for Dinner Service Hand Painted In The Style of Celia Thaxter

Aster Place Setting for Dinner Service Hand Painted In The Style of Celia Thaxter

 Obviously this one and only Dinner Service eventually with 14 Place Settings, Hand Painted In the Style of Celia Thaxter, is one of the special possessions that will accompany me until the end. I am still trying to figure out a suitable place for it to go after I have passed.

In the meantime, I may just have a cup of coffee in the coffee cup or some soup in the cream soup to remind me that life hasn’t reached a dismal point just yet!


Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!!


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