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Hard to believe it has been 10 months since I last posted here! Life has been busy. A new SENIOR Toy Poodle entered my life last February! When I adopted Princess, I thought it would be for short term palliative care. Princess was Skin & Bones and her digestive track had closed down. Long story short, she has come back to life and is active and alert and a REAL Sweetheart.  I dropped a big piece of firewood on my foot last October and as a result had my middle toe amputated in April! Healed well and I would never know if I never looked at my foot.

All that is not the reason for this post!



I would be TOTALLY REMISS if I did not share the results of my routine Dartmouth visit yesterday AND the POWER OF CANNABIS.

My A1C has fallen AGAIN! CURRENTLY at 6.3 (they want me under 7).

Six months ago I was at 7.4 – Three months ago I was at 6.6 – and yesterday I was 6.3.

Last visit (3 months ago) I knew that I wasn’t doing anything that would be expected to lower my A1C and thought “maybe the Cannabis”?? But I said nothing. I wanted to wait for another 90 days. I made NO changes!

Nothing has changed except I now use substantial Cannabis! My diet isn’t horrible but it isn’t whole30 – I enjoy Pecan sandies 4-7 at a time several times a week, chips, ice cream, PB & Marshmallow sandwiches, pizza, donuts, granola, bagels, English Muffins, — way too many carbs – I know as I have been working with/fighting this for decades.I know how food connects to Diabetes!

The only changes are my adding Cannabis AND eating more things I wasn’t and shouldn’t.


You may remember two years ago when I did PURE whole30. I lost 22 pounds in 30 days, felt great and my A1C fell too. Since then I have slowly stopped being PURE whole30 though the “real” food I eat is not processed! (…/)

I am very open and honest with my Doctor. He is not allowed to agree or support (NH Hospital) – He is young enough and Cannabis will soon be legal- when it is, he will have a personal case history and he knows this as we talk.

The Power of Cannabis

I am stopping one of the two glucose prescription meds – that is the only change for next 90 days – have to keep eating the bad stuff:) so we change only one thing – the prescription meds..

My diet can be cleaned up later if need be.

Heart fine – kidney function good and I have lost 8 pounds in last 90 days.

Blood work in 90 and next appointment in 6 months.

As I said, I have been working with Drs and prescription meds to manage my glucose for 20 years at least. I know my body and I know this journey. There is no question in my mind that this is a “side effect” (LOL!!!) of the Cannabis I am using for RA pain control.

The Power of Cannabis

I take my THC in several forms. I vape dry flower and oil and have pills & oil capsules. The vaping is something I do not know how to measure so it just is “extra”. Pills & Capsules have mg values – So, In addition to vaping, I use 90-125mgs of measurable THC each day. I have learned how to spread it over the day – I do NOT get high – (three exceptions over the last year and it was part of my learning how to spread dose size and frequency) Occasionally mild munchies! Thus the Pecan Sandies & Chips:):):)

I have since seen a couple articles that mention Cannabis benefiting Diabetes but have not found real documentation — so I am sharing my personal experience.

The Power of Cannabis

That brings me back to CBD – for all who refuse to accept THC. I started with CBD 200mgs a day. As I have stated, It did enough so I knew if I missed a dose. I switched to THC. I have since learned that 600mgs would have been a more appropriate dose and that makes total sense to me based on my 200mg experience. I have a friend who depends on CBD and I asked her what dose she uses. She said she takes 750mg every morning and if having a flair, she takes 750mg again at night. GOOD information to know. I may add CBD back in ALONG WITH the THC I am using.

Dealing successfully with RA pain seems to have had positive SIDE EFFECTS :):):):)

As I said when I started, I would be TERRIBLY REMISS if I did not share my experience.

I hope it can help you or someone you know.

Adopt SENIOR dogs

Princess (HRH) and I wish you all ONLY the best! Remember to cherish each day and to fill your life with LOVE.


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