Bringing Back Balance !

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The past year has been tunnel vision focused to finish renovating the barn and get Shops At Fayrehale opened!  As you know, we accomplished and announced that in my last posting over a month ago!  The last 5 weeks have been spent adding inventory to the Shop and enjoying a short break from painting and renovating.

I am way behind in updates on the other sections of and can not emphasize strongly enough that for the time being – the best way to stay up to date and follow us is with our Facebook pages!  It is easier to make frequent updates there and we have active pages for the Shops At Fayrehale, Fayrehale Chanteclers and Fayrehale Icelandics.  Why don’t you take a minute right now and like the Facebook page for the segment of our endeavors you would like to keep up to date on!  Just click on the links above.

Our lives have been OUT OF BALANCE and it is time to refocus and bring balance back!  Our gardens, usually so abundant and productive, are nearly non existent this year!  Seed staring and planting abandoned for efforts to get Shop open.

We did manage to hatch and ship chicks this season.  Ran the incubator and shipped chicks up until 3 weeks ago when we declared the season over. Predators have been worse this season than I can ever remember them being.  Coons, foxes, skunks and possibly a fisher. We have lost over 100 birds despite taking all possible precautions.

Forced “down-time” right now following abdominal surgery to (hopefully) fix a radiation fibrosis induced situation has me thinking about regaining balance.  With the shop opened, I think we can pull it off.

Next year, the vegetable garden will be abundant.  Next year may be the LAST year we hatch and ship chicks all over the country. The next year will see the house back in order so we can have friends over to eat. The next year will see renovation work on a bedroom so we can have friends stay over. The next year will see us taking some time to smell the roses. All in the flow without a rigid deadline like opening the Shop had. None of these planned endeavors is any where near as massive as the one we just accomplished.

I understand why we had to take life out of balance  and it sure feels good to have accomplished the Shops At Fayrehale —  which we have planned and prepared for, for over 15 years.


I smile when I pull in the driveway

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My Being Beams When I walk into the Shop and see what we have created!

We worked hard, and succeeded, in presenting an eclectic mix of beautiful Antiques, Christmas decorations, cards, advent calenders and Gifts.  We worked hard, and succeeded, in having a nice selection under $5, under $10 and under $20!  Believe me when I say that is not easy in this day and economy when we need to meet our standards for nice, quality merchandise!

So, I do not apologize for smiling with satisfaction! I am pleased. I deserve to be pleased! Customer reaction is positive and extremely complimentary.

I rest now, as I heal, and think about bringing back balance!  During this forced quiet time (only feeding critters, Abigail and Self plus opening Shop) I will study iMovie so my YouTube videos will be smoother.  I have uploaded two so far and plan a series as we feature and promote ours Artisans and our Products.

Introducing Shops At Fayrehale

Shops At Fayrehale #2

May there be Peace and Balance in all our Lives

Please tell your friends...
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