Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!

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Today we received word that the California kindergarten class we shipped Fayrehale Icelandic eggs to had a 100% hatch!

Three Icelandic Chicks from Three Icelandic Eggs – 100% Hatch Rate

Let’s start at the very beginning ,  A very good place to start,  When you hatch you begin with 1-2-3 ………………………………
On April 25th, I received an inquiry through our fayrehalefarm.com website.  “Good morning! I teach kindergarten students and am wondering how much it would be to purchase and ship 3 fertilized eggs? My incubator only holds 3 eggs! Thank you for your reply. “
Now you need to understand that over the years that we have been breeding and shipping our two heritage breeds, Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens and Fayrehale Chantecler Chickens, we have had numerous inquires every year asking for dozens of  FREE fertile eggs.  We respond to each with a pricing scale that gives an educational discount.  We never hear back.  Thus we assume someone just wanted free stock from an excellent breeding flock.
This time I have an inquiry asking to PURCHASE three eggs and have them shipped!  PURCHASE!!!  I was impressed by this honorable educator who was not looking to take advantage of anyone and was doing a great project/program with her students!  I asked for an address and said I would gladly mail three eggs!  She pressed me to pay for postage and I said “for 3 eggs I will just mail them to you “.  And I was delighted to do so and play a small role in helping to develop future chicken enthusiasts.
 =Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
It was easier, and I felt safer, to mail four eggs. On May 1st I sent the tracking # and said: “I mailed you eggs today —  4 fit best –  select 3 for your incubator and eat the 4th!”
“You are a true gentleman and a gift to our students!  Thank you.  We will be your little “Pen Pals” and  keep you informed of our eggs as they incubate.  We hope to have our chicks hatched by Open House at the end of May and already have adoption papers drawn up for the family taking them home!
My students are so excited and ask me every day about the eggs.  Thank you for your gift of the eggs.  May I reimburse you for the postage, please?”
“I will show them all the pictures tomorrow!  We are a little school in a valley and surrounded by a cattle ranch with cows grazing adjacent to our playgrounds. “
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
“Your package was in my box when I arrived at school today!  The kiddos will be in my room shortly and we will unpack and set up the “nursery”.  I’ll send pics and yes……you may use the photos!  We think alike~I took them without faces showing so you could. This is going to be so much fun!  I think I’m more excited then the kids.”
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
We had so much fun and the eggs arrived safely!
The 21 day count down begins!  “I’m teaching the life cycle of the chicken these next two weeks”
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
“Here is a photo of us learning about the life cycle of the chicken!  I also thought you’d like a glimpse into our classroom. I saw your store and farm on your website and loved it!  My classroom is made to look like a living room and our motto is hanging 
over my antique dresser!”

I sent several links showing the history of the Icelandic Chicken and numerous pictures.  “OH MY GOSH!!! I love these birds! They are so colorful and I can hardly wait to show the kids tomorrow!!! I will let them know you sent all these links, too.

We are great partners in education! Thank you. They will ALWAYS remember this experience. 21 days is like watching paint dry……………so long when you are only five years old.”
Yesterday, May 24th, the announcement came!  The chicks were piping!
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
“They are right on schedule!! The chicks starting piping today at 11:00 a.m.  They will stay in the incubator for one day and then I have a nursery all ready with a heat lamp for them.
The children are so excited to come to school tomorrow and see our little babies! The extra fun part is that the chicks will be on display for our annual Open House, which just happens to be tomorrow night!
I am having a little sign made next to the incubator and will send you a picture. It is a note of gratitude to you for giving us this wonderful experience!  I’ll send more pics as they hatch. It will be  a thrill to have them chirping in class with us!”
Word arrived this morning!
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
              At first there were two              and                then there were three!!!            
 Just now, as I am finishing this blog entry, an email with picture arrived with the update that these three Icelandic chicks had transitioned to the nursery with a heat lamp.
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
Thus ends this saga for now.  If there are future updates and/or pictures, I will return and add them here at the end.
Today’s Email (5/26/17)

“Dear James,

I am at a loss for words after reading your blog! I was so humbled by your kind words and the care you took to detail our journey together!  The world needs more people like you who invest in the education of our children. Thank you for also promoting the “program” we initiated and I hope some breeders will adopt a local school and provide them with this same wonderful experience we have had with you. Our vice principal was thrilled with your blog and is posting it on our community website!
I am sending you more pictures and a little “chuckle” to go along with one photo.  When I received the 4 eggs, I could not bring myself to eat the fourth. My friend, Maria, lives in the valley and has a farm house with land. I asked her if her hens were sitting and when she said “Yes!” I sent my 4th egg with her to sneak in the clutch of her hen! It worked! So we officially hatched 4/4.  Ha Ha Ha.
The chicks will go home with me this long weekend and then back to class on Tuesday.  We will vote on names for them on Tuesday and then they will go home with Durban and his family on Friday, June 2.
I emailed a copy of your letter/blog to my families as well.  They were all overjoyed at Open House to see the chicks because they had heard about them EVERY day for 21 days!
I will be in touch next week!
My very best to you,
The Open House Was A Success!
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
We Were Glad We Could Play A Small Role
“My son is a student in Mrs. Kelly’s class and he got to learn so much about the life cycle of a chicken! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support. He was so excited and happy to meet his new ‘friends’ as well as learn so much about them! It has truly been an amazing project and one that he will remember and share with his little brother!”
Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!
The Icelandic Chicks Are Doing Well – Pretty In Pink!
UPDATES Received Over The Weekend Of June 3-4
 Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!

The 4 siblings are reunited!!!

Remember that I mailed four eggs and told them to put three in the incubator and eat the 4th!  They put three in the incubator and the fourth under a setting hen — ALL four hatched and here they are brought together temporarily!

Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!

From The School’s Newsletter – Saints SOAR Weekly #38

Our school truly appreciates you!! Check this out!! – While newsletter contained a live link to this Blog entry It doesn’t need to be live here as you are reading it:)

Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!   Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!

The 3 incubator chicks went home with Durban & the new coop that will be arriving soon!
Here is the latest update and pictures on our chickies!  They went home with Durban and then the “hen hatched” chick went back with Maria to her little ranch. I must say that the coop they bought for the three is quite amazing!!
On Thursday, we voted on names! They came up with Icey (the crested one), Ellie (had most brown feathers), Lila (lightest coloring), and Cutie Pie (Maria’s hen hatched chick).
The peeping of the chicks kept us happy all day! Sometimes I’d be ready to teach and half the class was huddled around the nursery!  While we will miss them, they are in good homes.
The last day of school is Wednesday, June 8 and Mikala promised to keep us all updated through the summer.
Keep an eye out for a little package headed your way from our class! We have been so inspired and grateful for all you have done for us!
Durban’s Mother wrote:

This is the coop we bought them! We are waiting to get it in the mail by June 20th but we are excited! They are going to go under our orange and avocado trees to get some shade and also get some natural leaves and bugs to eat.

The boys are doing good with them and they let me pet them a little 🙂

Thus This Saga Comes To A Happy Conclusion!
A Thank You Package Arrives!
A nice framed class picture
and Thank You notes from each student!
You can see all the letters with art work HERE – There were too many to reduce all the images and add them here when I had an option of loading them full size!  They are well worth looking at.
If you are not a Facebook member, you can still use the link and view all the Thank You letters! Just click on “not now” and enjoy the pictures.
I imagine that you are as intrigued by this three egg incubator as I am!  I know I had never heard of an incubator this small until I started communicating with this California educator!  Any teachers reading this entry may want to do the same thing in their classroom.  Area poultry enthusiasts may want to donate one of these incubators to their local school along with three eggs!
(The process of incubating and hatching eggs is a delight to watch and is made easy with the new R-com 3 egg incubator. Designed in Korea as an educational incubator the R-COM really works! Three hens eggs are gently warmed and turned automatically as they incubate and the display even counts down each day to tell you when they are due to hatch. The R-Com is menu driven and extremely easy to use: just choose between one of the 5 settings (chicken, duck, pheasant, quail or mystery bird – to be programmed) and the micro-controller holds the correct temperature, turning and length of incubation. Turning will even stop automatically 2 days prior to hatching; all you need do is top up periodically with water. Detailed, attractive instructions are supplied to guide you through the do’s and don’ts.)


Please tell your friends...

9 Responses to Fayrehale Icelandic Chickens Helps Develop Future Poultry Enthusiasts!

  1. Linda A May 26, 2017 at 10:51 am #

    Loved this post! How lucky those little kindergarteners are! Such a great educational project! This should post on Instagram….???

  2. Kristen Higgins May 26, 2017 at 12:37 pm #

    Thank you for your generous support of this project! My daughter is in this class and she has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the chicks. She was so excited to go to school the day they hatched. She has learned so much through this experience, it will be a great memory for her kindergarten year.

  3. yvette conklin May 26, 2017 at 6:11 pm #

    Dear James,

    Our family thanks you so much for your kind support and generosity!

    This project has made such an impact on my son’s understanding of the life cycle of a chicken. Throughout this incredible experience , he was able to visually interpret what he was being taught by his wonderful teacher! He was thrilled to finally meet the three chicks and get us ( his family) educated on their origins.

    • James Trundy Verrill May 26, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

      We are pleased that we could play a small role in this project. Your son is gifted with an exceptional Teacher! If all students could be so fortunate.

  4. Elizabeth Bunn May 26, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

    My daughter is in this class and had so much fun giving me daily updates on the eggs. As kindergarteners, their worlds are just getting bigger everyday, what an awesome experience to add. One of my most vivid K memories was hatching chicks, I’m sure these children won’t soon forget it either. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  5. Sally Carruth May 26, 2017 at 8:50 pm #

    Such a lovely experience for those kids! All children should have such wonderful teachers and learning experiences. I remember when I was 10 and laid up in bed from an illness for 3/4 of my sixth grade year. My best friend received a chick-u-bator for Christmas which would hold just two hatching eggs. She kindly let me have the incubator at my house so I could watch and care for the fertile eggs that my mother was able to get from the local village grocery store. It was a thrill to watch when one of the eggs finally hatched into a cute little black chick.

    Many years later, I am now enjoying seeing my own Icelandic hens disappear into hidden corners of my barn and then show up 3 weeks later with little chicks in tow. Icelandics are prone to becoming quite tame and befriending me as well. I love them and the Chanteclers that I got from Fayrehale Farm several years ago.

    • James Trundy Verrill May 26, 2017 at 10:38 pm #

      Always fun to hear early memories – This posting has generated many from numerous people some posting here and some emailing directly.

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