Raised Beds, Fall 2009In the late fall of 2009, we laid out our raised beds.  4’x12’x10″ with 4′ aisles . There are a pair of 4’x4′ shown and another 4’x12′ that doesn’t show in the picture.  Amazing what a difference 10″ makes to my “maturing” body!  As life progresses we can add 10″ sections and when I am 90, they may be 30″ high!  6 of them , 3 pairs, are now covered with hoop houses.


June 19, 2003


Shade cloths arrived.. first one semi up! Will finish this weekend and put the other two up when Tom is here. VERY pleased…

Ordered them from Rimol Greenhouse Systems.   Price was the best I found and direct contact (GREAT customer service!) got the shipping from $162 (yes I let out a gasp) to $26 ! Most of what they sell (Drop ship from WI for these custom cut cloths) are for BIG 90ft and longer houses…. the order form programed for these.

Recommend highly – Just use the contact form if you are ordering small sizes.


June, 2013, we started a pallet garden in addition to our regular garden and are pleased so far.  I blogged about this project and will be posting weekly picture updates to chart the progress through the season on the blog.


Slowly getting the garden in —  we have has such a cold, wet season so far here in Vermont!  Thankful for the hoop houses.

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