Hello December!

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November came and left before I realized it!  How time flies when there is so much to do  and I could use extra hours each and every day!  At least some extra hours of daylight. When one is used to working until dark, there is a big difference between 9:30PM  and 4:30PM.

We made some good steps forward in November. Steps that go beyond consolidating the poultry for winter care. Part of that consolidation involves our annual butchering day.


Preparing for Butchering

Once again we used the services of Dan Martin,  Martin’s Sawmilling & Poultry Processing Used to do my own. Now it makes so much more sense to have Dan and a couple of his daughters come and do it all efficiently in a few hours!

DSCN4200      DSCN4204

This year we did 76 chickens, 6 turkeys and 4 French guinea fowl.  We had about 20 left from last season when we did 116 chickens.  The next day, after they chilled over night, Tom and I bagged them and put them in the freezer.  Planning Guinea Fowl for Christmas Dinner.

Once again, the entrails (not the offal!) were used to make a fertile trench in the garden.

Butchering accomplished, we found a semi retired contractor who could help us as we work on the Shop.  I desperately need to get that page updated.  Until I do, there have been piece meal updates in my various blog postings. Planing a May 2014 open and feeling pinched for time!

ONE major accomplishment made my heart sing!  We got the inner door framed in the larger barn door opening!  When we are closed, the barn will look like it always has!  When we are open, you will see and use the front entrance from an 1830 Cape.

DSCN4128      DSCN4145

DSCN4147      DSCN4151

DSCN4148            DSCN4150

Installation of front entrance from 1830 Cape

I found and purchased this doorway in 2003 after our purchase agreement was accepted and before we closed on this property!  Purchased it for this very purpose as we knew there would be a shop in the barn once I retired and was here full time.  Being able to visualize and plan ahead has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars as I buy when the price is right – in other words when I can “steal” it!  Hate to think what this architectural component would cost today!!

We are making progress inside too.  You saw the first picture above. The second picture was taken today.

DSCN4128      DSCN4304

MAJOR Progress

I have been working around the outside walls while waiting to clear out and move the things we had stored in the barn  The contractor who helped me frame in the door returned with his son and moved two very heavy and large pieces to the second floor – their ultimate home!  One a French, black lacquered sideboard that will go in the computer room one day  and the other the top, three cupboard unit that goes above the mantel for the fireplace in the library which, when finished, will be the second floor of the barn.

They moved the 1920s gas stove (originally gas & wood but converted to all gas) that we will use in the kitchen, when it is remodeled, to the back of the Shop where it will be stored and used for display.  Priced so I hope it doesn’t sell but will shed no tears if it does.

Now we can see, work and plan the actual shop space.

DSCN4305      DSCN4306


DSCN4309            DSCN4311

The back alcove will be brightened with white paint except for the original hay racks on the back wall that will be left as they are and just cleaned.  There will be 6 lower shelving units and the pellet stove that will provide heat for the shop back here.  People can circle the center units as seen in the 2nd of these 5 photos,

November fled as we made some good progress .  Have a kerosene torpedo heater so I can keep working. I need to get the priming and painting done so I can start filling with inventory.  Champing at the bit to do that!

We have minimal Holiday plans as the Shop is our focus right now.  No tree this year, no gifts and maybe not even a “de-incubatored” dining room for dinner!

As a Dear Friend said:

“You have HUGE PROJECTS going on, James. Focus on that remembering … Christmas is in the heart”

So, Happy Holidays to all of you! I imagine it will be 2014 when I post another entry

Please tell your friends...

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  1. joey December 1, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    Honored to be quoted … honored to be your friend, James. I love that we are true friends … not always on the same page politically as with many of my own family/friends … but even better … ’cause we are ‘soul connected’.

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