Lobster Night

Gettin' JIGGY wit some LOBsta...!!!!

Wednesday night is always special during Star Island, Isles of Shoals Conferences! It is Lobster Night!! 🙂

Don’t worry if you are not a lover of lobster. There is another excellent menu prepared for you. You do, however, eat at separate tables.

LOBsta!!! :)

Those of us who relish lobster anticipate this night all year. The lobsters are purchased from a local lobsterman (he and his family own and live on Cedar Island, which is connected to Star by a breakwater). The price is reasonable ($8 per lobster in 2002). There are no middle marketing levels.

So have as many lobsters as you like! Some of us enjoy as many as three!

Great lobster and great fun as tomalley, roe, and lobster bodies are gathered by those who are true lobster connoisseurs.

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