Moved In To Our Summer Sleeping Quarters Tuesday night!

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DSCN1079Our Summer Sleeping Tent – Lots of Fresh Air – Connection to Nature


At This Point in Life We Need A Bed


Pair of Lounge Reading Chairs at the Other End

Moved in Tuesday night. So glad to be back outside. Sleep so soundly with the fresh air and surrounded by trees.  This corner of the yard is so peaceful and isolated that one can feel like they are far from everything when in reality we are just out back.

Last night (Wednesday) was my second night. Not much sleep! Lots of things going on which I fit in to normal past neighborhood activities UNTIL Abigail and I went out to investigate about 1:15am —  thinking we had raccoons around the poultry pens.  It was then I saw the flames next door and realized everything that Abigail had barked at, every sound I had a logical explanation for had in reality been the Arsonist coming and going.

I quickly donned pants (thought that wise before heading to the road:), put Abigail in the house  and called 911 from the street.  Fire Personnel responded quickly.  I returned to bed at 4am and had Fire Investigators calling my name outside the tent at 8am !

Had I been in the house, it would have burned another hour before being noticed (Based on time Mark woke up smelling sulfur and smoke) unless someone had called it in from the highway.  None of the other close neighbors heard a thing!

Thankfully I was out in the tent.


Started on the Porch and Spread Fast! Before Fire Personnel arrived.

Fortunately no one living here at the time.  Heirs in Florida.


Taken From Our Front Yard OVER the Tall Conifer Hedgerow/Windbreak

Tonight will be my third night sleeping outside. Headed out now. After last night I expect I will sleep soundly.

Please tell your friends...

2 Responses to Moved In To Our Summer Sleeping Quarters Tuesday night!

  1. Susan May 31, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    So thankful for the safety of you and yours. That Abigail is a keeper. I know some of your “girls” free ranged near/on the lot near there. Will that affect you?

    Happy that your mobile master bedroom is up and running again. It looks amazing to me! What a way to truly rest and be restored.

    • James Trundy Verrill May 31, 2013 at 10:42 am #

      Yes, Susan, Abigail is a keeper:) She knew what was what long before I figured it all out! Birds still range over there. Guinea Fowl journeyed over there yesterday to investigate the changes! Geese and their goslings range on the green grass near our fence line. Geese are good about keeping goslings near cover so nothing swoops from the sky to take them.

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