Auguste Rodin – “The Age of Bronze” Bronze Sculpture – Half Size Male Nude


An Elderly Vermont Collector has asked us to offer this Auguste Rodin, half size, bronze sculpture “The Age of Bronze”.  He acquired it from an Antiques Gallery in England many years ago and has kept it in his home.  He was told that the half size format was made in the years immediately following Auguste Rodins death in 1917 in the same foundry that had produced the full size sculptures during Rodin’s life.

This sculpture is 35″ tall with a base that is 9″ x 9″. Signed as shown and I see no foundry mark.

Being bronze it is suitable for garden use as well.  One might want to enjoy it is the garden during the summer and indoors the rest of the year.

Auguste Rodin, born in Paris on November 12, 1840, was a sculptor whose work had a huge influence on modern art. Unlike many famous artists, Rodin didn’t become widely established until he was in his 40s. Developing his creative talents during his teens, Rodin later worked in the decorative arts for nearly two decades. He eventually sculpted the controversial piece “The Vanquished” (renamed “The Age of Bronze”), exhibited in 1877. Another of Rodin’s well known works is “Adam”, he died on November 17, 1917, in Meudon, France.

When The Age of Bronze was first exhibited in Brussels in 1877, under the title The Vanquished, it received a great deal of negative press. Critics accused Rodin of creating the piece by taking a cast of a model, instead of carving it by hand. Such an accusation was serious as this was unacceptable in the art world at this time. Such criticism could be accredited to the realism of this piece and Rodin’s skill at rendering a convincing human physique. Friends of the artist came to his defense and Rodin himself out rightly denied the claims.

The original title for this piece, The Vanquished, reveals some of the motives behind its creation. Rodin was drafted into the French army at the start of the Franco-Prussian War and although he was dismissed shortly after, the experience and the well-publicized loss of many French soldiers in the conflict had a profound affect on him. The Vanquished was later changed to The Age of Bronze which Rodin hoped would distance the piece from the criticism it received upon its first exhibition.

You may make arrangements to pick this up from our Shop in Vermont, arrange crating and trucking through a service of your choice or discuss packing and shipping with us.  Obviously this is excluded from out flat rate shipping.

While the owner is offering these for what he paid for them, he is willing to do significantly better if someone chooses to buy both. Contact us if you are interested in that information.

Rodin”s “Adam” may still be available.

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