Candlewick Pattern – Elegant Fan Vase – Imperial Glass Company


Sometimes it is the stylized lines of a piece that draw the eye!

Such is the case with this beautiful Candlewick Pattern – Fan Vase by the Imperial Glass Company.  The artistic, elegant, flared design is very pleasing!

It measures measures 8.5″ tall, and 7.75″ wide.  If you do not want to use it as a vase for flowers, think how snazzy it would be on your office desk as a pencil/pen holder.

We also have a marvelous Candlewick Pattern – 4 Part Divided Relish Dish by the Imperial Glass Company.

Candlewick glassware had its humble beginnings in Ohio in the mid-30s. The Imperial Glass Company opened its doors in 1904 in Bellaire, Ohio, under the direction of Edward Muhleman, a gentleman who had much experience in the glass industry. With Muhleman’s guidance, The Imperial Glass Company became one of the most preeminent glass manufacturers in the country. And while their glass was high quality it was also extremely affordable for the average family; this rare combination made Imperial glass soar in popularity.
In the early 1930s Candlewick glassware was developed by Imperial’s Chicago sales representative, Earl Newton. Newton made adaptations to the French Cannonball line of glassware after having seen it on a trip to New York and being taken with its distinctiveness and elegance. Newton used this design as starting ground to develop what he believed would be a unique and timeless glassware line. His resulting design reminded Newton of candlewicking – a style of needlework popular in Colonial times and thus the name was born.
The Imperial Glass Company jumped onboard and released its Candlewick line in the summer of 1936. Candlewick glassware proved itself to be one of Imperial’s best sellers, as customers lined up for these elegant pieces.

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