Charles Dickens Character Tiles – Full Size 6″x6″


These Dickens Character Tiles are cork backed with a hanging tab. This makes them totally versatile. Use them as a wall hanging, a hot mat or in a tile wall in your bath or kitchen!
These tiles are 6″x6″ – most that you see available now are 4″x4″
The same cork backing picture is being used to represent the backing on all the tiles.

1.) Sam Weller – Pickwick Papers

2.) Sairey Gamp – Martin Chuzzlewit

3.) The Artful Dodger – Oliver Twist

4.) Trotty Veck – The Chimes

5.) Mr. Micawber – David Copperfield

6.) Mrs. Bardell – Pickwick Papers

7.) Tony Weller – Pickwick Papers — (PLEASE NOTE: This Tony Weller tile does have some small flakes on the edges. These do not interfere with its beauty or use. Pictures posted.)

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