EAPG Button Arches – Ruby Stained – Wheel Cut Floral Pitcher – “To Mother” – ca. 1897


This Beautiful Ruby Stained Early American Pattern Glass (Button Arches) Pitcher has deep wheel cut floral decoration and is inscribed “To Mother”.

It was made by the Duncan & Miller Glass company in 1897. There are minute scratches on the ruby stain surface that are magnified by the pictures. They in no way detract from the beauty of this 119 year old tribute to Mother!

This pitcher measures 6.5″ tall and is 5.75″ wide from the end of the handle to the end of the spout.

While perfect for Mother’s Day, this pitcher can be gifted on any occasion. What better way is there to tell our Mother that you love her?  Versatile in use from liquid holder on the table to flower vase to pencil/pen holder on desk.  Use your imagination.

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