Embossed Handled Fruit Basket – Victorian Quadruple Silver Plate – Wilcox Silver Plate Company


This Beautiful Victorian Quadruple Silver Plate Embossed Handled Fruit Basket was made by the Wilcox Silver Plate Company in Meriden, Connecticut.  Originally intended to be used as a table or buffet center piece filled with fruit. Its use today will be determined by your imagination.

Good Victorian Quadruple Silver Plate can be as beautiful and as elegant as sterling silver!  This is certainly true with this piece.

This basket measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ and is 2 3/8″ high to edge of basket and 8.5″ tall to top of handle.  It carries the Wilcox Quadruple plate mark. There is a slight area of wear in one corner (pictures show reflections) The second picture in the first row shows it best in the upper right corner. Photography makes it look more noticeable than it actually is.  It does not detract from the overall beauty of the piece!

Our basic policy is no consignments!  We are making an exception for a number of Elegant Dining pieces from the collector who also has the pieces offered in the Coined – When Silver & Coins Are Joined category.  These pieces will not be in Shops At Fayrehale – They will remain in the collector’s possession until sold.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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