Marbleized Pearlware Staffordshire Teapot


This terrific, marbelized Staffordshire teapot is being offered for a fraction of what they usually sell for!  A piece like this spans the ages and can be at home in the early 19th century as well as in the ultra modern decor of the 21st century!

It measures 5.75″ tall to the top of the final and 7″ wide from the end of the spout to the outer edge of the handle.

Gravity and centrifugal force are key elements for inducing the movement or flow of slips during the marbleizing process. The term “joggling” is used to describe the physical act of controlling this movement, which requires very specific, and somewhat awkward looking body and arm movements. The degree of aesthetic success is directly linked to the skill of the potter in controlling the flow of the slips.

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