Miracle Electric Flour Sifter – Vintage 1930s – Motor Still Runs


This  Miracle Electric Flour sifter from the 1930’s was made by Miracle Products, Inc in Chicago, Ill. The motor does run.

According to a write up in Popular Mechanics Magazine in November of 1941: Flour is aerated three times by an electric sifter that is activated by push button, leaving one hand free for stirring the batter. It is aerated first when passing through cone-shaped disks, again when tossed up from the sieve by vibration, and a third time when the flour drops through the sieve.

It measures 5″ in height, almost 4 1/2″ at the base, and the handle extends about 51/2″ from the top edge.

Perfect for any vintage kitchen or kitchenware collection.

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