Otagiri Original Pottery Candlestick Plate – Hand Crafted – Hand Glazed – Vintage 20th Century Modern


This Otagiri Original Pottery Candlestick Plate makes a marvelous presentation. You could add a small pillar or several votives if you want a larger display.  Use it as a centerpiece or on a side table.

This Otagiri plate has a 10″ diameter and the rim is 2″ high.  The candles are not included.

“Otagiri” is actually a trademark.  The company name is Otagiri Mercantile Company, Inc. or OMC. Otagiri products were handcrafted and handpainted.

A trademark for “Hand Crafted Otagiri Original” label was registered in February 1979.  Trademark information indicates this was first used in 1970

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