Ruby Red & Crystal Glass – Aseda – Bo Borgstrom – Pinched Decanter & Stopper – Mid 20th c. – Exquisite


This Vintage Swedish Hand Blown Sommerso Ruby Red Decanter by Bo Borgstrom is an exquisite find.  Made with two layers of glass. A clear layer over the brilliant ruby red layer. It has the original clear glass stopper

It is a heavy piece measuring 8.75″ tall to the top of the stopper. It holds 300ml of liquid, which is around 10 medium shot sized drinks.

The Aseda Glasbruk factory was founded in Sweden around 1947. Bo Borgstrom graduated from the Swedish School of Arts and Crafts in 1951. He began working at Aseda in 1960 and was head designer there until the factory closed around 1976.

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