Silver Covered Serving Dish – Unusual Square Shape – Downton Abbey Elegance


This delightful square, silver, covered, serving dish is perfect for those occasions when a smaller size is useful.

I know, that with the cut corners, this is technically hexagonal! I think of it and will refer to it as square.

It is a versatile piece that can serve as a covered serving dish or two open serving dishes. Its size makes it perfect for intimate gatherings.

It measures 7.5″ x 7.5″ and  2.5″ high when covered. The bottom serving well is 7″ x 7″ and 1.25″ high — the cover when used as a serving dish is 7″ x 7″ and 1.25″ high.  The mark is very faint. It shows EPS, indistinguishable hallmarks and part of a stock reference number.

Our basic policy is no consignments!  We are making an exception for a number of Elegant Dining pieces from the collector who also has the pieces offered in the Coined – When Silver & Coins Are Joined category.  These pieces will not be in Shops At Fayrehale – They will remain in the collector’s possession until sold.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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