Teapot Shaped Ring Holder w/ Yellow Flowers – St. Clair Glass – Vintage



This brilliant and delightful Teapot Shaped Ring Holder w/ Yellow Flowers by St. Clair Glass is waiting to hold YOUR rings!

The ring in the picture does NOT come with it!

Purchased by a local woman 50 years ago at the St. Clair plant.  It measures 4.75″ tall and 4.75″ wide from end of handle to end of spout.

The St. Clair line (as far as paperweights are concerned) started with John “Pop” St. Clair, Sr. who worked at the George MacBeth Glass Works in Elwood from around 1903 to 1938.  Local natural gas production faltered in 1938 and the St. Clairs began to develop their ideas for a new business of their own.  Joe did the original experimentation and the business was formally started in 1941.

By 1944 St. Clair paperweights were being sold through Georg Jenson on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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