White Bisque Porcelain – Raccoon Sculpture – Figurine – Made in Germany


When it comes to detail in a bisque sculpture, you will find none finer than this German, White Bisque Porcelain Raccoon Figurine Sculpture! The detail is exquisite.

It measures 5.75″ tall, and the base of the figurine measures 8″ long, and 5.5″ wide.

The mark indicates this was either made prior to 1913 or made in Germany (not for export) at any time.

Bisque porcelain is unglazed, white ceramic ware that is hard-fired, non-poreous, and translucent. Today’s bisque porcelain industry has arisen out of hundreds of years of experimentation with clay products and untold sources of artistic inspiration. Manufacturers of bisque porcelain collectibles are unanimous in their approach to each product as a work of art. Quality begins with the design and is controlled throughout the process, which can take several months from the time a collectible is first sketched by an artist until it reaches a collector’s hands. In the factory alone, a single figurine may be more than a week in production, with its manufacture scrutinized intensely every step of the way.

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