Felted Wool Ornaments – All Vermont! – Made By A Vermont Artisan w/ Vermont Wool


You can not help but fall in love with these beautiful Felted Wool Ornaments!  Your biggest problem will be deciding how many to put on your tree or hang in your home where they can be enjoyed all year.

All Vermont! Made by a renown Vermont Artisan w/ Vermont wool.

THIS IS IT!  We received word today that there will be no more Felted Wool Ornaments available! Once these are gone — they are gone — we can get no more. We will search for another source but no guarantees we can find one.

SO, if you have had you eye on one — or your heart set on one — GRAB IT NOW!!!  It was a good run while it lasted and we are pleased to have been able to offer them to you.

Every felted wood ornament is different.   Please do not ever expect any two of the same subject to be exactly alike!

You need to use the “Name” drop down box below to select the ornaments you would like. Each picture is titled as the ornament appears in the drop down box so you can double check your selections.

If you do not find an ornament listed, it means we are temporarily out of that style and are trying to acquire more.

Further down this page, after the listings, you will find some information regarding felting.

Sizes are approximate and are given here to show you how substantial these Vermont made Felted Wool Ornaments are!

Santas, Gnomes & Fairies – 8″,  Chickens – 4-5″, Cardinal & Chickadee – 5″  and the Toadstool – 3″

The Santas and the Gnomes are wired so that they can sit on or hug a branch or shelf. They are also strung for hanging so the new owner has total versatility in how they are used.

Cardinal  — $25

Chickadee — $25

Santa #1 , Short Beard — $25

Santa #2, Long Beard — $25

Gnome #1, Blue Coat — $25

Gnome #2, Brown Coat — $25

Fairy #1, Yellow — $30

Fairy #2, Red — $30

Rooster, Black & White — $28

Hen, Yellow — $28

Hen, Black Speckled — $28

Toadstool — $12.95

Hen, Brown — $28

Rooster, White Chantecler — $28

Information on Felted Wool Ornaments

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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