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Our customers tell us all the time how difficult it is to find Advent calendars and candles.  We carry a nice variety at Shops At Fayrehale.

While we cannot put everything online, we do offer a sufficient assortment of styles to allow choice.

The selections are listed as if you were “reading” left to right from top to bottom and they will appear in the drop box below in the same order.

Paper Advent Calendars

Prepare for Christmas by opening a window each day during Advent to reveal a special picture and a verse.  These are accentuated with glitter.

Read more about
the Advent Calendar Tradition.

1.) — Puppies Advent Calendar  ($4.95) —  Great for the dog lover – verse from A Puppies Christmas poem – measures 11 3/4″x 8 1/4″

2.) — Kitties Advent Calendar ($4.95) —  Great for the cat lover – verse from a poem – measures 11 3/4″x 8 1/4″

3.) — Precious Prince Advent Calendar($4.95) —  A special Bible text following the story of the Nativity with picture – measures 11 3/4″x 8 1/4″

4.) — North Pole Friends Advent Calendar ($7.95) — ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” verse with picture – measures 18 x 9″ when  folded out and sits easily on any tabletop or flat surface.

5.) — Santa and Carolers Advent Calendar ($4.95) — ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” verse with picture – measures 10 5/8″x 8 1/4″.

6.) — Children Nativity Scene Advent Calendar ($4.95) — A special Bible text following the story of the Nativity with picture – measures 10 5/8″x 8 1/4″.


Pictures in Rows #3 & #4 show the Start & Finish of the 3 Treasure Box selections   

24 drawers with an image on each side. Each drawer can be filled with a treat or gift. Turn a drawer each day to create the Holy Family, Santa Clause or”decorate” the tree.

Measures 12″x 10 1/4″x 1 3/4″ and has a protective cardboard box w/ plastic cover.

7.) — O Christmas Tree Treasure Box Advent Calendar ($24.95)

8.) — Holly Family Treasure Box Advent Calendar ($24.95)

9.) — Secret Santa Treasure Box Advent Calendar ($24.95)

Candles & Advent Candle Rings

How to Light Your Advent Wreath:

The Advent Wreath – A Celebration of Light  

10.) — Purple Advent Candle Set ($5.95) —  4, 10″ wax tapers – 3 purple, 1 pink

11.) — Blue Advent Candle Set ($5.95) — 4, 10″ wax tapers – 3 blue, 1 pink

12.) — Advent Ring ($12.95) — Brass colored Advent Ring that you can use by itself as a simple Advent wreath, add fresh greens or otherwise decorate and embellish.  11″ diameter and is in an 11″ x 11″ box.

Nativity & Christmas Stenciled Candles to be Lit Each Day

These Advent Candles are lit each day during Advent and melted to the appropriate number. Nativity and Christmas themed artwork stenciled on sides. Measures 11 1/2″ – Candle burns approximately 12 hours.

13.) — Nativity Stenciled Advent Candle ($7.95)

14.) — Christmas Stenciled Advent Candle ($7.95)

Fabric Advent Calendars

These beautifully crafted Advent calendars come with velcro affixed stuffed figures that are removed from the pockets and added to the scene each day of Advent. Quality material and stitching mean these calendars can be used year after year. Pieces can be placed anywhere on the background so the scene can be modified. Measures 16″ x 25″.

15.) — Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar ($47.95)

16.) — Christmas Tree Fabric Advent Calendar ($47.95)

Each picture is titled as the description appears in the list above and the highlighted selection name is in the drop down box so you can double check your choices.

PLUS they are listed in the same order the pictures are shown.  If you do not find a selection listed, it means we no longer have that item.

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