Cardinal Wreath Tin


This Vermont Artisan, Cardinal Wreath Tin elevates your wreath to another level!

This Wreath Tin is durable enough to weather the elements. PLEASE NOTE: These are “scratch resistant” but they WILL scratch if you scrape sharp objects on them. They are 11 inches in diameter — MADE IN THE USA.

These are the last Wreath Tins that we will be able to offer as the Artist is no longer going to offer this option for her art.

Okay! Here’s how to use your wreath tin.

1.) Make a wreath or buy a nice one from a local wreath maker (works as well on artificial, grapevine and feather wreaths).
2.) Find a flat surface and assemble your wreath and Cardinal Wreath Tin.
3.) Flip your wreath over, face down and tie the wreath tin to the back, velvet side up so it will be against your door. Use the ribbons included and already attached to the wreath tin.
4.) Turn your wreath back over, adjust to center the Cardinals and go hang it for everyone to enjoy!

Remember, Cardinals are a favorite winter bird and you can treat your cardinal enhanced wreath as a Winter Wreath!

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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