Felted Wool Ornament Information – Our Felted Wool Ornaments Are Made By A Vermont Artisan w/ Vermont Wool

We offer a nice selection of Vermont Made Felted Wool Ornaments.

THIS IS IT!  We received word today that there will be no more Felted Wool Ornaments available! Once these are gone — they are gone — we can get no more. We will search for another source but no guarantees we can find one.

SO, if you have had you eye on one — or your heart set on one — GRAB IT NOW!!!  It was a good run while it lasted and we are pleased to have been able to offer them to you.

Sheep’s wool is what most people would consider an unlikely medium to express a feeling or perception but that is what felting  is for the Artisan. It gives her the power to express her worldview through a natural substance.– manipulating wool, through needle felting. It combines Art and Craft. Through felting the transformation is magical, whimsical and powerful. The fleece becomes what the Artisan sees or wants to see in the world while staying firmly rooted in the natural world.

These Felted Wool Ornaments are made from eco-friendly locally sourced wool roving to support farming and agriculture in the State of Vermont.

Needle Felting is a unique art. It is not an old technique, it started in the 1980s when some artists found that by using a machine felting needle they could shape wool by stabbing it . It takes many stabs, hours and bleeding fingers to sculpt wool but the results as you can see are terrific. There is something magical about wool felt creatures. They emanates warmth, strength and evokes a time when play was innocent.

Needle felting is a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibers to form a more condensed material.  Wool fibers have scales which when rubbed against each other catch and lock into place to create this denser material called felt.  Felting needles are used to entangle the fibers.  As the felting needle is moved up and down, the barbs on the needles catch the scales of the wool and entangle them into place.

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