Quilted Star Tree Top Ornament


We are very excited to be offering these FIRST 6″ Quilted Star Tree Top Ornaments.  Our customers asked and we in turn asked the Artisans who make our Quilted Ball Ornaments to come up with a tree topper.  We are pleased and know you will be too!

These 6″ Quilted Star Tree Top Ornaments are perfect for every style/theme tree from Country to Victorian.  Beautifully crafted and designed to be affixed with a clip that is more than adequate to clip to the top of your tree whether it be real or artificial.

Once again, we remind you that these are individually made by Artisans and while there may be others that are similar, there will never be another exactly the same.

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We also offer a selection of Quilted Ball Ornaments by the same Artisans.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.


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