The Advent Wreath – A Celebration of Light

The Advent wreath is the traditional centerpiece of the Christmas season. One or more candles are lit each day during Advent, one the first week, two the second and so on through Christmas Eve. Three of the candles are purple, the color of royalty, and one is pink. The pink candle is first lit during the third week in joyful anticipation of the Nativity.

Advent wreaths are rich with symbols. Europeans first lit candles on wreaths during the dark days of Winter, longing for the light filled days of Spring. Now woven into Christian tradition, the circular shape, without beginning or end, symbolizes God. Evergreens symbolize eternal life. The bright light of the candles celebrates our emergence from darkness as we anticipate the coming of Christ, the Light of the World.

First Week – A purple candle is lit to celebrate Hope, the inspiring and uplifting hope that Christ among us represents.

Second Week – Another purple candle is lit to celebrate Peace, both the Prince of Peace himself and the promise of peace on earth.

Third Week – The pink candle is lit to celebrate Joy, the joy of everlasting life with Jesus.

Fourth Week – As the coming of Christ draws near, the final purple candle is lit to celebrate Love, both God’s boundless love for us and our love for one another. May we all keep that love in our hearts at Christmas and throughout the New Year!

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