Votive Candle Holder – Unique – Actual Film – A Single Frame Of Film From A Hollywood Motion Picture


As we continue seeking extraordinary items to offer at Shops At Fayrehale, we discovered these unique Actual Film Votives !

The feature photo is shown with an actual votive candle (included). The selection photos are lit from underneath with a display light.

Approximately 2″ x 2″ x 2″

We currently offer frames from  The Wizard of Oz (1939)  —  Elf (2003)  —  Polar Express (2004)  —   It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)   —  Star Wars (1977)  —  The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Make your selection in the drop down box at the bottom of this page.  

Each picture is titled as the Motion Picture Frame appears in the drop down box so you can double check your selections and they are listed in the same order the pictures are shown.  If you do not find a frame listed, it means we no longer have that frame.

A single frame of film from a Hollywood motion picture is embedded on the side of a frosted candle votive to illuminate the image. Each film cell is unique since each cell only appears 1/24th of a second when projected. This is truly a one of a kind item.

The film cells used to create the Actual Film Votive are from random reels of film that have been rescued from being thrown in the trash. You’d be surprised what gets thrown out as movie theaters make the transition from film to digital. All of these iconic images from old Hollywood already exist in a national archive and have made the journey from the original 35mm film to the digital world of disc and hard drive media.

In this digital age, 35mm film is slowly disappearing and what’s left is archived, privately collected or discarded. The Artisan has re-purposed these images from film history and has given them another viewing – one candle at a time.

Here is a chance to own a piece of actual film. A hand crafted one of a kind film cell from a bygone era that once had its run in an old movie house. These Actual Film Votives can turn your mantle, shelf or office into a mini museum for any film enthusiast or friend to admire.

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