Winter Christmas Village – Punch Out And Build Set – Vintage 1940s Wallis Rigby


An unused GEM from the 1940s!  This Winter Christmas Village Punch Out And Build Set by Wallis Rigby is every Christmas Connoisseur’s Dream!

Wallis Rigby was an Englishman, who moved his company to the U.S. in the late 1930s. Rigby was internationally known for his paper models of airplanes, boats and trains prior (and during) to WWII. These featured Tab-and-Slot construction. He is generally credited with this method of paper-model construction.

This punch out Christmas Village is still in the original box. The houses and subjects have never been punched and assembled.  The box contains 15 sheets of punch out pieces and allows for the construction of “Six Large Houses and Many Other Subjects”.

The edges and back of the box show signs of age and wear from being stored in a dresser drawer these last 70-75 years!

An heirloom you and your family get to make together and then enjoy for decades to come.

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