800 Silver Flat Pin Dish w/ Maria Theresia Taler Dated 1807


This Flat Dish with a Maria Theresia Taler Dated 1807, is totally versatile.  Use it as a butter dish on the dining table or a pin/catch-all dish on desk or bureau!  This coin is often described as one of the world’s most beautiful coins. They are certainly impressive!

See additional coin information below!  Austria has a tradition of issuing commemorative coins after the death of an emperor, with the date frozen.

The date is partially obscured by the mounting but appears to read 1807. This fine piece has a 5 1/8″ diameter and stands 1/2″ high.  It is marked  800  for silver content of 800/1000 – sterling is 925/1000.

Additional  “Coined – When Silver & Coins Are Joined” pieces available

The silver taler was the currency of the Empire and of the Austrian hereditary lands. It lost its status as legal tender in Austria in 1858, but thanks to an imperial edict of 1857 as well as the present laws of the Austrian Republic, the mint at Vienna still produces this famous trade-taler down to the present day.

The obverse has a portrait of the mature Empress. She wears a widow`s veil (which was reduced in order to meet Arabian demands) and a brooch with nine pearls. The inscription “M. THERESIA D.G.R. IMP. HU. BO .REG.” translates as: Maria Theresa, by the grace of God Roman Empress, of Hungary and Bohemia Queen. Below the bust one finds the initials “S.F.”, which stand for the names of the two Günzburg mint officials in 1780, Tobias Schöbl (S) and Joseph Faby (F). The reverse shows the imperial double-headed eagle with the arms of Austria at the centre, surrounded by four quarters representing Hungary, Bohemia, Burgundy and Burgau (Günzburg). The inscription reads “ARCHID. AUST. DUX. BURG. CO. TYR. 1780” and translates: Archduchess of Austria, Duchess of Burgundy, Countess of Tyrol, 1780. The raised edge of the coin has the motto of the Empress “Iustitia et Clementia” (Justice and Clemency) with various ornaments. The story of the Maria Theresa Taler is undoubtedly unique in the history of money and numismatics. It is not only one of the most beautiful silver coins in the world, it is also the most famous and most widely spread. The Maria Theresa Taler belongs in every collection because of its special history. It is, however, also a gift of unusual interest and a souvenir of lasting value!

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