Large “Handarbeit” (Hand Made) 800 German Silver Dish w/ Five Thaler Coins – 1677 – 1642 – 1694 – 1694 – 1765


This Magnificent hand made German Silver dish has five, centuries old Thaler coins worked into the design.

There are two impressions – the first is “HANDARBEIT” meaning hand work or hand made and  the second is a hallmark which appears to be that of Peter Bruckmann (1865-1937) – The last strike after the 800 is not legible.

This dish has an 11.75′ diameter and stands 1″ tall.

Coin pictures (made larger by clicking on thumbnails) are arranged so that Row 2 is the front of three coins and their reverse sides are underneath in row 3.  The forth coin is depicted side by side in row 4.  Additional coin information can be found below.

Additional  “Coined – When Silver & Coins Are Joined” pieces available

Center Coin (Only front shows):  AUGSBURG , free imperial city Large medal in 1677 ( stamp of Christoph Ungelter ) to the industry of the city and the industriousness of its citizens . .PVBLICO CONSILIO – PVBLICAE SALVTI . Facade of the town hall built by Elias Holl ; section year number and signature . Rs : FIRMA H [ AE ] C DISRV – ET – Foedera NVLLA DIES Genius Augustanus and Ars on pedestal in a wreath of emblems of industry, art and science . Smooth edge

Top Coin1642 Free City high quality Silver Thaler with striking details featuring the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand III and the city of  Augsburg 1642,

Right Coin: 1694 German States Augsburg Thaler –  Large pine cone in oval baroque frame, Roman numeral date divided above – Obverse Legend: AVGVSTA VIN – DELICORVM. –Reverse: Crowned imperial eagle, orb on breast – Reverse Legend: LEOPOLDVS D.G. ROM. IMP. S. AVG.

Bottom CoinAUGSBURG, City Reichstaler in the name of Leopold I, 1694.  Crowned, double-headed imperial eagle. Rev. Pine cone on pedestal between two river gods; below, date.

Left Coin1765, Augsburg (Free City), Francis I. Braod Silver Thaler Coin –  Obverse: Wreathed bust of Francis I right. Die cutter´s initials (I.T.), flanking rosette below. Legend: FRANCISCUS I DG ROM IMP SEM AUG  Exergue: I. * T. —  Reverse: Arms of Augsburg (pine column) within baroque frame, flanked by sprays and topped by turreted crown. Legend: AUGUSTA VINDELICOR AD NORM CONVENT 1765 / X EINE FEINE MARCK  Exergue: F (A) H

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