Chicken Farmer Organic Hand Salve


We are so pleased to be able to offer this great Vermont product.

Just a heads up! We have a finite supply and once sold, there will be no more available until the Calendula blooms! Orders are decreasing our current supply rapidly.

Chicken Farmer Organic Hand Salve is produced in small batches by a mother daughter team in Weathersfield, Vermont. It is part of holistic earth lovin’ mama’s approach to teaching her children to cultivate and nurture the earth, to provide for the future. Amy Beth and her six year old daughter Sydney tend their flock that produces fertilizer for their abundant annual and perennial flower gardens, along with an assortment of fruit and vegetables.

Sydney plants the Calendula seeds each spring in preparation for fall petal harvest to infuse the organic olive oil that is the base for their salve sought for its healing properties to ward off dry chap skin during the harsh Vermont winters.

Sydney is responsible for the harvest collecting the petals the day the blossoms have opened all the way; long enough to enjoy but not passed the usefulness of the petals super medicinal qualities.

The duo look forward to adding their own beeswax in the fall of 2015 as they add their own beehives to the homestead this spring.

Ingredients: calendula petals, organic olive oil, coconut oil, local beeswax.   —  100ml / approximately 3 oz.

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