Longaberger Basket – 1991 – Magazine Basket – Knitting Basket


This 199i Longaberger Basket is extremely versatile!  Use it as a magazine basket, to hold your knitting and any number of other things you can think of.

It measures 12.5″ tall to the top of the upright handle, 13″ long and 9″ wide. It is marked on the bottom as shown and carries a brass plaque indicating that it was an award basket: “National Sales Award, $100,000 Year”.

The story is told how the company’s colorful founder Dave Longaberger wrangled with architects for months over designs for his new building. Then, in a fit of frustration, he stormed out of a meeting, grabbed one of the company’s medium-sized baskets, put it on the conference table and told them: “Make it look exactly like this.”

But the company and the building  have fallen on hard times. The Basket Building can be yours for 5 Million!

We may still have other Longaberger Baskets available.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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