“Party Cow” – Westland Cow Parade Ceramic Figurine – “With a moo moo here, And a moo moo there, Here a moo, there a moo, Everywhere a moo moo”


Absolutely perfect for the Farmer in your life!

The Cow Parade collection is based on a unique art exhibit that has been held in many cities since 2000. The exhibition consists of life-sized fiberglass cows painted and decorated by professional and amateur artists. These hand-crafted and hand-painted replica figurines are made either in ceramic or resin have captured the essence of the original full sized cows that were displayed.

This cow figurine measures 4.5″ tall, and 6″ long. There is no box or tag with this Party Cow,  just the mark on its belly.

We may still have more cows for your Farmer!

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.


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