Star Island Mug – Turnstile – Isles of Shoals – 1990s


A blast from the past! This Star Island, Isles of Shoals Mug was found in the attic of a Northern VT estate sale!

What a special find for all the Shoalers, old and new, who Love Star Island and the Isles of Shoals!

I remember these from over 20 years ago. What a surprise to find them at an auction in Northern VT.  The daughter said her Mother had been an avid Shoaler. They have not been used.

A perfect way for you to get a design you missed out on or replace one that broke.

This Turnstile Star Island Mug measures 3.5″ high, has a 3″  diameter and is 4.75″ wide including the handle.

The reverse side depicts the Gosport Chapel Weathervane.

We have listed several other designs from this series.

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