Icelandic Chicks – Straight Run – 25


PLEASE NOTE:  Position on the 2015 list is IN ORDER of payment received. We are not a major hatchery! We incubate and ship from sometime in May until the list is complete, which can take us into September.

We plan for a Monday hatch so the chicks can be on their way to you Monday.

We must ship 25 chicks at a time.

We are required to ship Express at this time.

EXPRESS mailing is $48.00 per box of 25 chicks (includes insurance).

In order for the shipping to work correctly, we must indicate only one in stock. If you desire more than one order, we have to reload so you can place a second order. Just email us at

Additional information on our Icelandic Chickens Facebook Page  and on our Icelandic Chickens Facebook Page

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