Kelvin Chen Style – Enamel Copper Cloisonne Tea Pot – Rooster / Hen & Chicks – The Whole Family!


This FUN unsigned miniature enamel Kevin Chen teapot is ready for you to use as an ornament (be creative with clear fish line),  a stocking stuffer, display or give to a special chicken lover on your gift list.

This charming vintage Chinese enameled teapot measures 4-3/4″ spout-across-handle by 3-3/4″ to the top of the finial by 1-3/4″ deep.

These are usually seen priced between $42 and $95 – We work hard to maintain affordable prices so that you can have unique, fun and beautiful things.

We offer a nice selection of  Kevin Chen Signed & Unsigned (style) Teapots

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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