Maine Balsam Fir Products – The Benefits of Real Balsam!

Information on the Benefits of Real Balsam!

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Often called Canada Balsam, it is very much like Balm of Gilead in its action.  The bark, twigs and needles are filled with a season’s storehouse of “Materia Medica”, produced only by the elements of nature. It seems to enhance a feeling of well being.

Written records of folklore uses go back over 700 years.  Native American uses predate those records. It was a veritable dispensary for the MicMac and other Northeastern Tribes, who used every part of the tree medically. Uses include relieving headaches and clearing congestion. Some modern doctors recommend balsam pillows for their asthma patients, many find that they can breathe more easily when holding a balsam pillow close to their nose.

The pure scent is a beneficial addition to your home.  We use them in closets, storage trunks and bureau drawers to keep our clothes smelling fresh.

Set on a windowsill, their subtle aroma will waft around a room. Try one in your car, boat, cottage or camping trailer. They are nice to sleep with. (I always sleep with one next to or under my pillow)

These are environmentally friendly products! Only balsam branches from trees already harvested for lumber and paper businesses are used. Unlike the redwoods, balsam fir trees live only an average of 70 years.

To revive an older pillow, try spraying it lightly with plain water or wrap in a damp towel. Some other methods include steaming them or storing them in a freezer for a while.

The Newmeyers suggest an average life span of 5 years, although many customers have reported that their balsam pillows retain their woodsy scent for 20 years or more.

In the language of herbs, balsam stands for “warm friendship” thus making it the perfect friendship gift.

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