Thankful EVERY Day! – Not Just Thanksgiving Day!

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It has been nearly two months since my last post.  A busy two months with a beautiful Autumn passing as cold and snow arrive.

SAF nov 17th 2

I have always  known, that regardless of the issues and problems in my/our life/lives, the majority of people in the world would switch places with me in an instant  and take all my problems too!  A good, long time friend sent me an eye opening slide show recently which described the world’s population in comprehensible terms!  It is based on 100 people  and then all the ratios/percentages of the whole world are applied to these 100!

IF you have a little money in the bank, in your wallet or a few coins in your purse you are one of eight out of the hundred!  Eye opening.

The news further makes me realize I am fortunate regardless of the current hurdles in life I am dealing with.  I do not live in Buffalo w/ 7 feet of snow imprisoning me in my home.  I am not Black so there is less of a chance I will be shot. I am descended from immigrants who arrived in 1622 and lucky not to be an immigrant today!  I am a 31 year cancer survivor as I am surrounded by people I know and care about currently fighting serious cancers.  I have a roof over my head, some food to eat and heat to sit buy while far too many are homeless, hungry and cold.

The list goes on and on. It saddens me to see how selfish this Country has become. NOT everyone —  but far to0 many — the many who seem to have the major news outlets for their mouthpiece.  As a Country we have lost our compassion.  That means those of us who do care must be aware and do whatever we can, regardless of how little that is.

It need not be money, when there is no extra money, it can be personal, connected support.  Visit, call, write someone that will smile because you took a minute to care.

Remember that The Face of Poverty Has Changed!   Look beyond the facades left from better times.  See what is really going on with your family, friends and neighbors!  CARE!

So many reasons for us all to be Thankful EVERY Day!  –  Not Just Thanksgiving Day!

We continue to build  Shops At Fayrehale as the summer and foliage visitors are gone and we turn to developing a local clientele.

show KC 3

                                       Peacham Corner Guild Christmas Show

  (Photo by photographer Kelly Clow)

We did the two day Peacham Guild Christmas Show the very end of October.  This was 7 miles away from Shops At Fayrehale and introduced us to over 1000 local area people. Some from that show have already stopped by the Shop.

stove 2

Pellet Stove Is Vented

The pellet stove is functioning well and for now we are keeping the shop between 40 and 50 degrees.  That seems comfortable for customers who are already bundled up.

 candles 2candles 2

VERMONT Hand Dipped Candles!

I had given up on finding a quality hand dipped candle that was smokeless, dripless and burned an inch an hour!  Years ago in an earlier Christmas Shop in Searsport, Maine, I sold Williamsburg Candles. They went out of business when they could no longer compete with the candles from China. THEN, when I was at a product show in New Hampshire I discovered a Vermont source.  Talk about excitement.  We have added a selection this year and will be expanding our inventory next year.

SAF Nov16th

Evening Lighting

We are staying open until 6PM everyday until Christmas.  Thinking that for Jan-Mar we will be open Fri-Sun and by chance or appointment. I do not foresee traffic warranting heating the shop all week in the dead of winter.

Coupon Ad

Advertisement Running For The Next Two Weeks

We announced on our Facebook Page  and I will repeat here! Our online readers and followers can have the same opportunity  (starting now – until December 1st) to use the local coupon.  There are ample pictures in the photo files of  our Facebook Page for you to see our ornament selections.

Ornament mailing fees
United States:
1 or 2 ornaments $6.95 – Priority Mail
3 or 4 ornaments $11.25 – Priority Mail

We do regular postings on our Shops At Fayrehale: Antiques, Christmas, Gifts facebook page and following us there will keep you up to date on this segment of our lives!


It could well be next year! before I post another entry here. Meanwhile, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with Family and Friends (Hope you do not shop on Thanksgiving!) and the Merriest Christmas possible.

Please remember to be Thankful EVERY Day!  –  Not Just Thanksgiving Day! and to be aware of those around you who can use some compassion and support.

Please tell your friends...
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