Time For An Update! It Has Been 9 Months! Time Enough To Have A Baby!!!!

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Last October was a life changing Month. I lost Abigail and stopped breeding Heritage Breed Chickens. Life moves on and the last 9 months have been busy and full.

Peaches of Fayrehale in the van

Peaches of Fayrehale

The two biggest events in the last 9 months were a 67 day, 8500 mile trip and the addition of a new Canine Family Member.

I will only touch on a few highlights. 100 friends were able to follow my daily updates on a private/secret Facebook page. They saw the entire journey.

boondocking van

Home was my van! I had a VERY comfortable bed, a book case full of books and plenty of room for clothes in the back!



With the exception or 6 nights in a bed at Friends & Family, 1 night in a Walmart Parking Lot, 2 nights of stealth parking and 6 nights at Boyd’s in Key West, I spent every night at a Cracker Barrel!  Cracker Barrels became my home away from home. A safe place to sleep for the night and a great place for a healthy breakfast ($7.99) and suppers in a similar price range.

I never knew where I was headed more than 2-3 days out! Often when I was wondering where to next, a Friend who was following my journey would come up with suggestions based on on where I was and off I would go!  I didn’t think about the bumper stickers until well into my trip and after dozens of places visited. Presidential homes and libraries were visited as often as possible. Often I had private tours (good timing).

   dome room

EVERY day was fun and special. Everyday a new adventure. It is nearly impossible to pick favorites! I do have to have to mention how excited I was to finally, after 7 visits over my lifetime, get to tour the second floor and Dome Room of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Home! Several days in this area as I revisited Monroe’s and Madison’s homes and visited the Wilson Presidential Library and the Frontier Culture Museum. At the FCM I had a personal tour, by the 30 year employee/expert responsible for the deconstructing, moving and reconstructing many of the buildings, riding in a golf cart! We would stop at each building and go in.

The trip meandered down the East Coast to Key West where I spent six nights at Boyd’s Campground. Lucking out with a water side site and a beautiful wake up view in the morning! Then back up via Tennessee where I went to Graceland and ended up stumbling across Loretta Lynn’s Hurricane Mills Ranch and Dollywood.

Key West Morning

Key West Morning View

I had the opportunity to see many family members and friends. Too many to mention and all special. I will mention a first in FIFTY YEARS visit with my favorite cousin & aunt! I ended up visiting twice, once on the way down and again on the way back! We reenacted a story time from 50 years earlier:)


Cousins 50 years later:)


My Favorite Aunt and a VERY SPECIAL GIFT from my Cousin

The large piece of Rose Quartz was one of many that my Grandmother Verrill had. Most were stolen. She gave this one to my cousin who moved it with her from home to home through 30 years in the Coast Guard until it ended up in the garden of her B&B in North Carolina.  On my first arrival, as we walked to the house, she diverted to where the Rose Quartz was and told me she was giving it to me now and I was to take it with me when I left. It traveled on a pillow in the passenger seat for the rest of my journey and now resides in our dining room.

And that brings us to the other major event in my life during this 9 months of silence. Many of you know and follow her daily life:) for the rest of you let me introduce MY PEACHES!

Peaches    Peaches

Abigail was supposed to travel with me and of course her passing changed that. My Private page went from “Boondocking with Abigail” to “Boondocking with Abigail’s Spirit”. While I was traveling, I came to the realization that at this point in my life, at my age, I shouldn’t be getting a puppy, I should be adopting SENIOR canines and giving them the best possible life for whatever time they have left. I only had two criteria: Female and 20# or less.  The weight requirement due to my age and RA.

Peaches was turned in to the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society in February. I adopted her April 20th. She was the result of my first visit to any place and it was meant to be. Her longevity at Lucy Mac’s was due to her age. Sad, but fortunate for me. She weighed 17.88# when turned in!, 15# when I adopted her and reached her goal weight of 12# four weeks ago when she weighed in at 11.8#. I am monitoring w/ weigh-ins every three weeks as we increase her food for weight maintenance. She loves to ride and I am hoping I can afford to get away again this winter. She has spent one overnight with me in the van and it went very smoothly.

Peaches    peaches

Last week on July 25th, We celebrated Peaches’ 12th Birthday!  I don’t know what she wished for. I know my wish was that we get to celebrate 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Birthdays at least

Remember Life is uncertain and ever changing. Make sure that those you love are kept close and know they are loved.

Please tell your friends...

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  1. Susan July 31, 2018 at 9:00 am #

    It was such a joy to travel “with” you and be enriched by all you were seeing and doing! Here’s to more adventures!

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