Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus – Telco Motion-ettes – Early 1990s w/ Original Boxes


Fun to find these Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus – Telco Motion-ettes – from the early 1990s w/ original boxes still bearing the original $24.99 price stickers!

16″ tall and batteries in the base activate head turns, double arm motion, Christmas Music (Jingle Bells) and light the candle.

Mrs. Santa Claus appears to have never been used and plays music and performs all moves w/ lit candle smoothly.  Santa Claus appears to have a loose wire when turned on so music and movement do not occur as designed.  There are 4 screws to remove the bottom so that you can check and repair wiring.

You see this pair offered from $119 up to several hundred!  We are honoring the ORIGINAL price!




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