Brass – Spring-Loaded – Candle Lamp w/ Reflective Hood – Ca. 1830


This ca. 1830 spring-loaded brass candle lamp w/ reflective hood is as useful today as it was when first made.

The adjustable candlestick ranges from 8″ to 12″ and with the reflective hood from 11.5″ to 16.5″. The base has a diameter of 4-5/8″ and the front of the reflective hood has a 4.5″ diameter.

During the 18th and 19th centuries special candlesticks were made for use in offices, and for reading and writing in the home. They were designed to reflect or magnify the flame in order to increase the light intensity.

After 1830 candle lamps with the candle contained inside a hollow stem or column became popular. The candle tip was kept in position at the top of the column as it burned by a spring at the candle base.

With the introduction of paraffin lamps in the late 1850’s candle lamps very quickly went out of fashion.

One does not see many of these. The last one I saw sold for $475.

Take advantage of this opportunity to add this Candle Lamp to your home or collection.

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