Pictures of Shops At Fayrehale – Antiques – Christmas – Gifts / A Pictorial Tour

Many of you are finding us online and have not yet had the opportunity to visit us in person here at Shops At Fayrehale. While we hope you will be able to visit us some day, we value your online business and we want to put a “Face” on Shops At Fayrehale so that you know that we are a legitimate Vermont destination and attraction.

We offer a selection of pictures here and will be adding others from time to time.  We are always changing as things find their new homes and we add new inventory.

We have been planning Shops At Fayrehale for years and finally finished the renovations and stocking necessary to open in 2014.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a truly mixed and eclectic inventory at very reasonable and affordable prices.

We offer a Flat Rate shipping fee ($8.95) and We Are Proud Of  How We Ship Shops At Fayrehale – Orders

Antiques: We strive to maintain and present an unusual and eclectic selection of antiques  — Many fresh from Vermont attics. A beautiful & useful piece from the past makes a great gift. You don’t have to be a collector of Antiques!  Antiques are GREEN gifts.

Christmas: – We work with a growing number of gifted Artisans to maintain and present a broad and varied selection of individually handcrafted Christmas Ornaments. Most are made by Vermont Artisans, though we go further afar for some itemsALL are individually created by the Artisan and this means each may vary slightly. Beautiful ornaments make a nice gift for every occasion, any time of the year !!

Gifts – Everything we offer can be used as a special gift!  A beautiful & useful piece from the past makes a great gift. You don’t have to be a collector of Antiques! Antiques are GREEN gifts.  Our Christmas ornaments can be gifted anytime of the year.  We also have some interesting selections that do not fit under the “Antiques” or “Christmas” categories. 

Vermont Hand-Made Candles – We had given up on finding good candles when we discovered three Vermont Artisans who are making candles that meet our requirements: smokeless, dripless and with a burn rate of an inch or less per hour. We will be adding more candles this season.

Bee’s Wrap (Eco-Friendly Food Wrap)  – Bee’s Wrap is made with organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep food fresh and allow you to use the Bee’s Wrap again and again.  It is not recommended for meat. Wash your Bee’s Wrap in COOL water with a mild dish soap, air dry, fold, and store in a drawer or in a basket on the counter.

We are known across the Country for our Chantecler and Icelandic Chickens and our love of chickens carries over to various chicken items being offered in Shops At Fayrehale.

While this can not equal actually walking in the door, we hope it makes us seem a little more real and familiar. 



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