Large Glass Pitcher – Vintage Millersburg Glass Co. – Early American Pattern Glass – Geometric Magnificence – Jewel Like & Scintillating.


A Millersburg Glass Collector told us that the pitcher was made by Millersburg Glass Co. Imagine this Jewel Like, pattern glass pitcher sparkling in candlelight!  The elegance of silver for a much smaller investment!

This Geometric Pitcher measures 8.5″ tall to the top of the handle, and 9″ wide from end of handle to end of spout.

In early 1908 John W. Fenton left the Fenton Art Glass Company after a falling out with his brother Frank Fenton. Though he remained on the Fenton board of directors. He had helped found Fenton Art Glass with his brother in 1905 .  The Millersburg factory was located in Millersburg, OH and was constructed quickly. The factory was state of the art for its day and opened in 1909. John was not the best businessman, he was more of a promoter. The factory was in an obscure location and the company folded in 1911.

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