Stacking Pansy Tea Set – Teapot – Sugar – Creamer – Japan


These beautiful stacked Tea Sets come from an earlier time when beauty and utility were both appreciated.

It measures 5.75? tall and is 6.75? across from the tip of the spout to the edge of the handle on the Tea Pot.

We all know that relaxing with a cup of tea, at least in the morning and again, late afternoon, is good for our health. This relaxing time is made more special when a beautiful set like this is used.

IF not for you, then think of someone you love who may live alone or in assisted living that you can gift this special tea set to

This Pansy Stacked Tea Set comes from a Vermont collection of over 2000 pieces that was collected over 65 years. This special piece has been packed away for years.

We offer other Teapots – Stacking Tea Sets and a selection of  Tea Tiles

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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