Amethyst Cabochons Brooch & Earrings Set – Vintage 1/20 12K Gold Filled Leaf


Wearing this Vintage 1/20 12K Gold Filled Leaf Amethyst Cabochons Brooch & Earrings Set will make you feel dressed for dinner at Downton Abbey!  You can have the earrings changed from clip to post or consider it a bonus that your youngsters can play Downton Abbey dress up with them as clips.

The leaf is marked on the back….1/20 12K… The leaf with Amethyst Purple Cabochons measures 2.25″ long and 1.5″ wide. The clip style earrings measure 1″ long and 1/2″ wide.

FYI – The term “gold filled” applies only to items composed of a layer of gold pressed (not alloyed) onto a base metal where the weight of the gold comprises at least 1/20th of the total weight of the item. Fineness must be shown by stamp, e.g. “1/20 12 k G.F.” means the gold layer is 12 karat gold and comprises 1/20th of the total weight of the item.

For example, a piece marked “1/10 12K G.F.” is composed of at least 1/10 12K gold based on the weight of the finished piece. In the U.S.,gold filled pieces must be at least 1/20 by weight to be classified as goldfilled.

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