“Grandmother’s Dream” Pattern Quilt Top – Hand Pieced/Hand Sewn – 86″ by 76″ – Vintage-1940s


What an opportunity!  You can have a lovingly hand sewn Quilt Top in the “Grandmother’s Dream” pattern for a fraction of a new, machine stitched quilt.

We find that our customers prefer Quilt Tops when ever possible.  This 86″ x 76″ quilt top is ready for your inspiration.

  • Finish it as a quilt to your thickness preference
  • Affix it to a duvet and use it to dress up you comforters
  • Use it as it is to dress up the bed in your Guest Room and remove before the bed is turned down
  • Tops are easier to use as a wall hanging – use fabric tape to create a tunnel on the back for hanging rod
  • Use as a  bed canopy with the “top side” down

This quilt top is crisp and clean – lovingly cared for over the decades. Purchased at an estate sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The previous owner inherited this quilt top from her Grandmother who was a professional seamstress. Her grandmother worked for many years in the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s making dresses and shirts for women and men. The grandmother saved all of her fabric remnants from making clothes and pieced together beautiful quilt tops with incredible colored fabrics.

This quilt top with the hand pieced, “Grandmother’s Dream”..Pattern is meticulously hand pieced with perfect seam lines, her grandmother’s seamstress talents are apparent in this quilt top. This quilt top is made of cotton fabrics..

There is no way to really comprehend the HOURS that this beautiful piece took to create.  Now YOU have an opportunity to be the first person to use this 70 year old piece.

There may still be another “Grandmother’s Dream” Quilt Top available in different colors.

There may be other Quilts and Quilt Tops still available.

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