Sterling Silver Chowder Cup & Saucer – Spanish Silversmith DIONISIO GARCÍA – Appointed Silversmith To King Alfonso XIII – Downton Abbey Elegance


This is your chance to have a rare and hard to find Sterling Silver Chowder Cup & Saucer (Coffee Cup & Saucer if you like a large cup of  Java!) hallmarked by Spanish Silversmith DIONISIO GARCÍA who was Appointed Silversmith To King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

Both cup (bottom) and saucer (top, inside cup ring) are hallmarked. In addition to DIONISIO GARCÍA’s  hexagonal “AMPHORA” maker’s mark (a tall ancient Greek or Roman jar with two handles and a narrow neck) there is the silver purity hallmark, a  Pentagram in an oval indicating a minimum of 915/1000 silver purity,this mark is usually accompanied by a maker’s mark in a hexagonal stamp as it is here. The hallmarks were basically impossible to capture w/ the camera so I have included a reference picture that depicts them clearly.

Measurements:  The saucer measures 7″ in diameter and stands 1/4″ high.  The cup measures 4.5″ in diameter (not including handle) and stands 2.5″ high.  There may still be a pair available, we are selling individually but starting with two cup and saucer sets. One has a nearly non-detectable ding on the side that came to my awareness with the reflections of photographing.  Mentioned and pictured, but of no significance. As you know, silver reflects and shows things in pictures that go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Our basic policy is no consignments!  We are making an exception for a number of Elegant Dining pieces from the collector who also has the pieces offered in the Coined – When Silver & Coins Are Joined category.  These pieces will not be in Shops At Fayrehale – They will remain in the collector’s possession until sold.

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